Look!! Wow!!! I'm finally blogging!!!! Now, I can share my passion with the world. 

My passion? FIBER!! I will try to spin anything. It is my happy place. My zen. 

You can only spin and use so much yarn so, Flannel Cakes was born out of necessity. Because if I can't sell what I have, I can not get more fiber to spin. It's a vicious cycle...but so very cool!

I mean, how many people do you know that still MAKE THINGS? Seriously!! Making something with your own two hands is becoming a lost art. Spinning is on the critically endangered list. 

What other way could you connect with a shepherd, a sheep, an indie dyer, fiber artist, a spinner? One.Skein. One skein holds the answer! One skein of luscious, yummy, decadent hand spun yarn. 

When you make something from that one skein? You are finishing a journey. Or, did the journey just begin? Your scarf, sweater, cowl, mittens, socks, all have a story to tell. It begins with 'Hey, love that! Where did you get it?' 

The story continues...be a part of it. Shop indie. Shop hand crafted. 

lock spun art yarn available in my shop