Yummy yarn and fibers....ZERO calories!

I have been spinning since 2003. It was a love/hate relationship until a year later, I got the hang of it and never looked back (new spinners don't give up!). I became a spinner. Naturally, I then became a dyer.

I used to be Fireside Fibers, located in Midlothian VA. Then...a phone call turned me from businesswoman and artisan to mom.

Last year, my daughter saw my neglected spinning wheel and fiber, asking to try it. Before I knew it, I saw it was time for me to jump back into my passion (after all, I have eyes watching me).

But, why Flannel Cakes? Well, it was supposed to be Pancakes, my daughter's favorite food. Every Saturday morning, my husband fixes us breakfast, including pancakes. After a busy week, we spend some time together, enjoying comfort in the food and in each other's company.

I'm originally from Appalachia and, after a little google searching, realized that my people would have called pancakes, flannel cakes. Eaten in winter to give warmth and comfort. How perfect is that for a fiber business???

I want you to see and feel my dyed fibers and yarns, feel that comfort and love that went into making them. Then, to create your own Flannel Cake to cover a head, a hand, cheer a heart, giving comfort not only in the process but in the creation itself.

Welcome to Flannel Cakes!

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