I have hand spun yarn, hand dyed yarn, combed tops, and commercial blends on sale for 50% off!!!

YES!!! I have three fall shows coming up and decided it was time to freshen up my inventory!

Go get a deal!!!

Barnwood - hand spun textured yarn

On blogging...

Ok, so, um...I haven't been keeping up with you all the way I had planned. I'm very sorry about that. It's been a rough few months with illness, family transitions, and spending time with my daughter. By the end of each day, I was just too drained to write anything. 

However, with a lot of changes coming to my business (trust me, you are going to LOVE them!), I realize the only way you will know is by me keeping you updated!  So, I have scheduled time in my week to give you updates, share tips and tricks, and show you new wools and products! You'll also receive random musings on wool, life, and coffee.

Thank you for continuing the journey with me!